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I am currently obtaining my Multiple Subject credential with a Supplemental in Mathematics. When I am through, I will essentially be able to teach anywhere from kindergarten to high school, but 5th grade is my dream job! I am currently living in San Diego but am considering moving soon to wherever life takes me!

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    Heredity and Genetics

    This collection contains different resources used for teaching heredity and genetics to elementary school students. Included is a mini-lesson for teachers about genetics so that they are familiar with the topic before they begin teaching it, book chapters with 3 different classroom activities related to genetics, and a podcast containing genetic formative assessment probes. Fruit Fly Traits (Genetics): I selected this book chapter to add to my resource collection because it fits into the overall theme of my collection. This specifically discusses the genetics of fruit flies and an activity that will further help students in understanding this concept. Environmental Influence on Genotypes and Phenotypes (Genetics): This book chapter provides another activity that elementary school students can do to better understand the concept of genetics. This particular activity focuses on environmental influence on genotypes and phenotypes. Evolutionary Relationships in Mammals (Genetics and Evo

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