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I am a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential student at San Diego State University. I have been working in childcare and education for four years as a paraprofessional resource specialist, instructional aide, after-school youth leader and camp counselor. I am especially interested in working with the K-2 age range.

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    Weather and Climate

    This is a collection of resources for teaching weather and climate to elementary age students. Dress for the weather: I think one of the things children learn in regards to weather is how to dress accordingly. This article also helps because it talks about analyzing weather data to determine what people should wear. Fabulous Weather Day: I like this article because it explains activity-based ways to observe the weather. I want to be able to have students engaged in learning the weather by observing it themselves. Interpreting Weather Maps: Interpreting weather maps could be a useful skill for learning about climate and weather patterns. I also think students might find it interesting because it is very visual. Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate: This SciPack focuses a lot on climate, which is about weather patterns. The NGSS standard I used for my CAT had an emphasis on patterns, so I'm looking for resources that help with that. It also has sections later on that related to spec

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