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Hi I'm Khrystal. I am currently working on my BA in Elementary Education. I will finally be graduating Fall 2016. Hopefully, I will get any position in any school even if it is just substituting. Children are my passion and the fact that I haven't been in a child related environment at work for about 5 years irks me. Since I graduated I had many responsibilities and have always needed a job in order to pay for my car, insurance, phone, bills, and rent. As a result I left the YMCA (which I loved) and went to work for more pay entering data at my current's been almost 5years now. But, there I was able to continue my schooling because they are so lenient with my work schedule. Luckily, there I met my fiancé, moved in with him, had a baby after 3 years, and now I am aiming for my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. I am eager to enhance my science skills in order to make science interesting and allow topics to flow from subject to subject in my classroom setting. P.S. I kn

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