Readings in Science Methods, K–8 (e-book)

edited by: Eric Brunsell

If you’re teaching an introductory science education course in a college or university, Readings in Science Methods, K–8, with its blend of theory, research, and examples of best practices, can serve as your only text, your primary text, or a supplemental text. If you’re a preservice teacher, you’ll want a copy for its insights into how you can effectively teach science. If you’re a practicing teacher, this book will refresh what you already know—and could lead you into new and fruitful approaches. And if you’re an administrator, this is the perfect professional development tool as a reference for your staff.

The book is a generously sized compendium of articles drawn from NSTA’s middle and elementary level journals, Science Scope and Science and Children. Editor Eric Brunsell teaches his methods courses using only the articles—the “voice of the classroom teacher,” he says. Brunsell has chosen the best journal articles, tested each in the classroom, and organized them into seven sections—each supplemented with its own insightful introduction and “action steps.”

• The Nature of Science and Science Inquiry

• Teaching Science

• Science for All

• Science-Teaching Toolbox

• Teaching Life and Environmental Science

• Teaching Physical Science

• Teaching Earth and Space Science


Elementary SchoolMiddle School


Type e-bookPub Date 12/12/2009

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