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Most sharks are the top predators in their ecosystems, yet they are often at the bottom of the conservation priority list. Because they are underprotected and exceptionally slow growing, and therefore vulnerable to overfishing, most of the world’s shark populations are declining. In fact, 20% are threatened with extinction. To restore shark populations within the lifetimes of today’s high school students, action is needed now. Sonja Fordham—the Policy Director for the Shark Alliance and Shark Conservation Program at the Ocean Conservancy—enjoys sticking up for these underdogs. Fordham believes the public, including students and teachers, are the key to turning this situation around. This free selection includes the Table of Contents, an About the Authors page, and Index. As a special bonus, an additional career profile featuring a cosmetic chemist is included.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 6/1/2008Stock # PB207E2_31

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