Be a Winner! A Science Teacher’s Guide to Writing Successful Grant Proposals

by: Patty McGinnis and Kitchka Petrova

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Be a Winner! is your chance to learn from veteran science teachers about the secrets to successful grant writing. Formatted as a handy workbook, this practical book takes you step by step through the writing process. You’ll learn the top 10 reasons to write a grant proposal, how to identify and refine proposal ideas, the basic components of every proposal, the ins and outs of submitting a proposal, and how to manage a funded project.

Eight appendixes provide you with writing templates, a grant proposal rubric, science-related grant listings and teaching awards, and more. By the time you complete the practice exercises, you’ll just about have compiled a complete proposal. Then you’ll be well on your way to winning your first grant.

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Grade Levels

Elementary High School Middle School


Careers General Science Grants/Fellowships Leadership Professional Learning Research Teacher Preparation


Type NSTA Press BookPub Date 5/31/2016ISBN 978-1-68140-001-3Stock # PB412XVolume 150Issue 150

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