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Learning to Read the Earth and Sky: Explorations Supporting the NGSS, Grades 6–12 (PDF e-book)

Is it time to refresh the way you think about teaching Earth science? Learning to Read the Earth and Sky is the multifaceted resource you need to bring authentic science—and enthusiasm—into your classroom. It offers inspiration for reaching beyond prepared curricula, engaging in discovery along with your students, and using your lessons to support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The book provides

• examples of Earth science labs and activities you and your students can do as co-investigators;
• insights into student expectations and misconceptions, plus ideas for inspiring true investigation;
• stories of real scientific discovery translated for classroom consideration;
• exploration of how you can mentor students as a teacher-scholar; and
• guidance on how to translate the sweeping core ideas of the NGSS into specific examples students can touch, see, and experience.

The authors of Learning to Read the Earth and Sky are husband-and-wife educators who promote science as something to figure out, not just something to know. They write, “It is our hope that readers will find our book short on ‘edu-speak,’ long on the joy of doing science, and full of stories of students, classrooms, scientists, and Earth and sky.”


Type e-book (PDF)Pub Date August 29, 2016Pages 426ISBN 978-1-941316-68-9Stock # PB409Xe

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