Creating a STEM Culture for Teaching and Learning (Book Sample)

by: Jeff Weld

This is the book that will flip the way you think about STEM from “not me” to “I’m in!” Author Jeff Weld is the director of the acclaimed Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. He sees STEM as “a white-hot, transformative revolution in schooling as we know it.” He channels the wisdom of professionals in education, business, and government to bring you the theory and policy behind nationally recognized education models for STEM. Whether you’re an educator, business professional, or policy maker, you can share Weld’s infectious enthusiasm as you extract best practices that will prepare students for the future.

  Creating a STEM Culture’s wide-ranging topics include why STEM matters; what STEM networks do; how to build community buy-in for STEM; what makes school–business STEM partnerships work; and what STEM means for teachers, learning, and assessment. Each chapter is sprinkled with lighthearted case studies that complement the topic at hand. From start to finish, writes Weld, the story of STEM unfolds “as a how-to, can-do, who’s-who, you-too manual and memoire based on the experiences of leaders who walk the talk.”


Type Book ChapterPub Date June 16, 2017Pages 178ISBN 978-1-68140-397-7Stock # PB429X_3

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