Eureka! Grade 3–5 Science Activities and Stories (Book Sample)

by: Donna Farland-Smith and Julie Thomas

New in 2017!
With this unique book, you can introduce scientists and engineers to your students, without the hassle of scheduling guest speakers. Evoking Archimedes’s famous cry, Eureka! Grade 3–5 Science Activities and Stories uses 27 lessons linked to children’s trade books to engage students in discovering who scientists and engineers are and what they do. Some of these scientists and engineers are well known, such as astronomer Galileo Galilei and primatologist Jane Goodall; others are not, such as astronomer Annie Jump Cannon and engineer William Kamkwamba. But all of their stories will help your students see scientists and engineers not as stereotypes wearing goggles and lab coats, but as real women and men. This book may even inspire some of your students to consider STEM careers.

  The easy-to-use lessons focus on science and engineering practices such as asking questions and defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, and analyzing and interpreting data. Each practice comes to life through engaging, trade book–based lessons that highlight scientists’ work while introducing skill-building inquiry-based investigations. In addition to supporting the Next Generation Science Standards, the lessons include recommended teaching strategies, have a learning-cycle format, and examine the character traits of the featured scientists and engineers that helped each to succeed. You’ve found it with Eureka!—a fresh, versatile way to put a human face on science and engineering!


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General Science Literacy NGSS STEM


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