The Amazing Light Show

What happens when light encounters different objects and surfaces? Follow two characters, Liz and Sam, while they put on a light show to investigate this question. In the first act, Liz and Sam invite the reader to question, observe, and investigate the phenomenon that some materials let light pass through, some let only a little bit of light through, and some block light completely and create dark shadows. Students will analyze and interpret how the size and shape of shadows can change depending on direction and disctance from a light source. This requires mathematical reasoning as they explore scale and proportion. In Act 2, readers investigate the phenomenon of reflection as they investigate the effects of light bouncing from smooth, shiny surfaces. They will construct explanations and design solutions as the assist the story characters to solve reflection puzzles using mirrors to change the direction of a beam of light. By the end of the e-book, students should be able to answer, what is the effect of plancing different mateials in the path of a beam of light?

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