What Makes Them Special?

No matter where you live, you see plants and animals everywhere. But why are they all different? The What Makes Them Special? e-book provides the opportunity for students to be both scientists and engineers while learning about structures and functions of animals and plants that live in their community. Being a scientist means students will learn different structures, or features, that plants and animals have. They will also learn how those plants and animals use their structures to grow and survive. When students put on their engineering hat, they will think about the structure and function of a plant or animal and then suggest ways it could help humans solve a problem. Students will explore with Lisa, DJ, and José how nature has provided us with many solutions to human problems. As the three of them explore a backyard, they engage students in discovering, discussing, and deciding with them: What special features of plants and animals can inspire solutions to human problems?

These e-books are highly interactive, self-directed learning experiences designed to augment understanding of science content.These e-books include high-resolution images, animations, videos, and interactive simulations.

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Type Interactive E-book KidsPub Date 9/28/2018ISBN 978-1-68140-647-3Stock # PEY010

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