Next Time You See a Bee (Library binding)

by: Emily Morgan

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This book will get young readers buzzing about bees! Next Time You See a Bee reveals the big impact these little insects have on the world. It shows how the physical features of bees make them pros at collecting and spreading pollen. It explains how bees pollinate flowers, allowing the plants to produce delicious foods such as apples, almonds, and peaches. It also introduces readers to the wide variety of North America’s native bee species, discusses why bees are threatened, and shares what readers can do to help. After reading Next Time You See a Bee, curious kids can partner with adults to observe these remarkable creatures without fear—and take bee-friendly measures to protect the insects for the benefit of us all.

Lexile: 940L


Type NSTA KidsPub Date 5/1/2019Pages 32ISBN 978-1-68140-652-7Stock # PB329X9L

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