Archive: NSTA Science Update: Making Science Learning Lifelong, Lifewide and Lifedeep: What We Know About the Importance of Out-of-School Science Learning, October 9, 2019

Students learning outside.Learn about the importance of out-of-school science learning experiences.  The recent federal STEM strategic plan, America’s Strategy for STEM Education, states:

Creative, blended educational opportunities that combine elements from traditionally separate approaches to learning—e.g., formal-plus-informal, career and technical education-plus-college preparatory—and are aligned across the scope of learning partners—result in learners gaining and building their skills in ways that work best.

As implied in this statement, there is a vast amount of evidence for the value of out-of-school science learning experience.

Join Dennis Schatz, NSTA President and longtime expert in out-of-school STEM learning, to explore the evidence for how out-of-school STEM learning is a key factor in developing our youths’ interest in science.  Then explore ways that educators have connected in-school and out-of-school experiences to enhance STEM learning.

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Below are comments from individuals who attended the seminar:

  • "I enjoyed listening to the answers to the questions and the perspective on how science interest is developed in students throughout their lives."
  • "It was a good overview of a broader subject. I made a lot of notes that I'm interested in getting more information on and digging deeper."
  • "What I found most interesting were the testimonials of the professors, professionals, etc who explained what sparked the love of science in them."

A certificate of attendance was deposited into participants' account page for completing the evaluation form at the end of the program.

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