Stories in Rock Layers

by: Russ Colson and Mary Colson

This chapter focuses on reading the earth in the layers of rock. Whereas rocks tell the story of what a place was like at one time in the past, layers of rock tell the story of how that place changed through time. The discovery of deep time began, not with a measured date, or with one observation, or experiment, or story, but with fieldwork and many, many stories of the past. This chapter features stories such as those read by Powell at the Grand Canyon, along with his explorations, observations, and interpretations of the lowest and oldest set of rocks, Suggestions are also provided for designing an activity of reading stories of deep time, as well as an exercise on “the present is the key to the past.” A materials list, teacher background information, safety practices, and outcomes are provided. This book selection includes the Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, About the Authors, About the Book, Introduction, and Index.

Grade Levels

High School Middle School


Earth & Space Science Environmental Science


Type Book ChapterPub Date 11/15/2016Pages 70Stock # PB409X_11

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