Teacher as Curriculum Narrator

by: Russ Colson and Mary Colson

This chapter examines the importance of the teacher in narrating the link between spontaneous and creative explorations of the classroom and the core ideas of the discipline. Implementing an authentic science experience in the classroom requires a similar focus on the question at hand. Classroom narration allows that focus while still exposing students to the full sweep of the practices of science, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas. The classroom narration integrates and connects ideas and practices without simply dropping them into the class as learning objectives. As curriculum narrator, the teacher needs to connect student curiosity and initiative to the big ideas of the discipline through the practices of science. This chapter contains ideas and suggestions on how a teacher can be a curriculum narrator, including five big ideas for curriculum planning. A materials list, teacher background information, and outcomes are provided. This book selection includes the Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, About the Authors, About the Book, Introduction, and Index.

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