What Have You Heard About Climate Change?

by: Laura Tucker and Lois Sherwood

The goal of this session is to set the stage for student investigations into the complex topics of global warming and climate change. Students first participate in a networking activity to introduce them to the Climate Change Agents whose interviews are found throughout the guide. Students then activate their prior knowledge through a brainstorm of what they have heard about climate change. The term heard is used rather than the term know to allow students to feel free to share anything they have heard without fear of being wrong. A formative assessment probe is included to assist teachers in assessing whether their students have a firm understanding of the difference between climate and weather. A materials list, teacher background information, assessment, safety considerations, standards, references, and resources are provided. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, Foreword, About the Authors, Acknowledgments, Information for Teaching This Unit, and Index.

Grade Levels

High School Middle School


Climate Science Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials


Type Book ChapterPub Date 3/26/2019Pages 49Stock # PB445X_1

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