The Magnet Contest: Which Magnet is Stronger?

edited by: William C. Ritz and William Straits

This activity is for testing the strength of different magnets. Use a pile of paper clips for children to explore with. As they begin picking up paper clips with their magnets, they will see that some magnets can pick up more than others. Encourage children to discuss the strength of each magnet. A materials list, internet resources, standards, and safety practices are provided. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, Preface, About the Editors, Introduction, Simple Graphing for Young Children, Science Teaching Boards and Boxes, Basic Materials List, and Index.

Grade Levels

Early Childhood


Physical Science Pre-K Science and Engineering Practices


Type Book ChapterPub Date 5/8/2019Pages 48Stock # PB208E2_3E

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