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Earth’s Spheres

edited by: Carla C. Johnson, Janet B. Walton, and Erin Peters-Burton

In this lesson, students continue to explore rainwater by examining the interconnectedness of Earth’s spheres. Students investigate water handling features at home and in school while conducting surveys. They learn about the need to improvise to build tools to measure very large objects or objects in hard to reach locations. Students create biodome models and use maps to examine the idea that Earth’s landforms (the geosphere) interact with the weather (the atmosphere). They also learn how farming practices, part of the biosphere, interact with the geosphere and atmosphere. Throughout this lesson, students read and write about the spheres, gardening, water flow, and careers. A materials list, safety notes, standards, teacher background information, assessment, and Internet resources are provided. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, About the Editors and Authors, Acknowledgments, Appendix, and Index.

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Computer Science General Science Instructional Materials Mathematics Physical Science STEM


Type Book ChapterPub Date 5/22/2019Pages 104Stock # PB425X9_L2

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