Roller Coaster Challenge

by: Donna Governor and Denise Webb

The guiding question in this activity is,“How can you design a roller coaster track that keeps the marble moving from beginning to end, without it falling off?” In this activity, students design a roller coaster using insulation tubing. They will learn about gravity, inertia, potential energy, and kinetic energy. For fun decorate the room like the nearest theme park. Before beginning this activity, we recommend you read Chapters 9 and 11 which are in this book selection. Chapter 9 is an overview of the section and introduces the format used to present ideas for Family Science Night activities. Chapter 11 features activities that we believe to be at an intermediate level. A materials list, references, safety notes, standards, and teacher background information are provided. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, Preface, Acknowledgments, About the Authors, Introduction, and Index.

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