Speeding Ahead–The Maglevacation Train Challenge

edited by: Carla C. Johnson, Janet B. Walton, and Erin Peters-Burton

In this lesson, students apply their knowledge of mapping, geography, trains, and science concepts related to magnetism and speed to design their Maglevacation Trains. Each student team will design and build its train and prepare a video presentation. You may wish to review the Engineering Development Process with students prior to the start of the challenge, since they will rely on this for the design and build portion. A list of materials, teacher background information, safety notes, standards, assessment, Internet resources, and references are provided. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, About the Editors and Authors, Acknowledgments, Appendix, and Index. .

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Engineering General Science Physical Science STEM


Type Book ChapterPub Date 8/31/2017Pages 67Stock # PB425X2.4

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