What Role Does Informal Education Have in Developing Conceptual Understanding?

by: Richard Konicek-Moran and Page Keeley

This chapter addresses learning in informal environments and in this age of technology, informal education is everywhere. Although opportunities have been available for many years, it’s only recently that educational researchers have become interested in finding out how informal education impacts immediate, as well as lifelong learning. This chapter mentions only a few of the multitude of informal science learning opportunities available. These opportunities will continue to increase and will certainly become an even more important part of science education. Reflection questions are provided at the end of the chapter, as well as suggestions for available NSTA resources. Teacher background information, standards, and assessments are included. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, Preface, About the Authors, Introduction, References, and Index.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 3/1/2015Pages 41Stock # PB359X_10

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