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Archive: Transforming Science Learning: NASA’s Next Generation STEM Resources Are Ready for Launch! May 6, 2020

Launch Kit imageNSTA's Professional Learning Division and NASA’s Next Generation STEM Team invite you to learn about the NASA Office of STEM Engagement’s new Commercial Crew Program Launch Kit. Explore how these STEM investigations use science and engineering practices to engage students in applying science ideas to solve problems through the engineering design process. We’ll discuss strategies to integrate these real-world applications into your standards-based curriculum units.

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To view the presentation slides from the web seminar and related resources, visit the resource collection. Continue discussing this topic in the community forums.

Below are comments from individuals who attended the seminar:

  • "I enjoyed seeing how the resources provided could be incorporated into a lesson for students. Great resources provided and examples of charts and guides that would be used in the classroom to work through the engineering challenges."
  • "I found the information about civilian/government launch program exciting."
  • "I loved the idea of the Eggstronaut activity! It has so many variable possibilities to utilize math with several scientific elements."
  • "The seminar was good. I have learned more about the strategies the techniques on how to integrate engineering in the classroom."

A certificate of attendance was deposited into participants' account page for completing the evaluation form at the end of the program.

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