Science for All Students

NGSS for All Students includes chapters that address how to design units with the NGSS and diversity in mind, apply a rubric to improve your teaching using the NGSS with diverse student groups, and use case studies in teacher study groups Seven authentic case studies vividly illustrate research- and standards-based classroom strategies you can use to engage seven diverse demographic groups, including economically disadvantaged students, students from major racial and ethnic groups, students with disabilities, English language learners, girls, students in alternative education as well as gifted and talented students. Team Teaching: Success for All Learners is a must have guide for developing successful team-teaching partnerships that maximize student learning. The science teacher knows the subject matter, and the special educator injects a deeper understanding of how students learn. Combined, these variables add up to success. Are you an experienced science teacher who needs a foundation in special education basics when students with disabilities are placed in your advanced classes? Including Students With Disabilities in Advanced Science Classes provides practical ways to design your instruction with individual needs in mind, including creative ways to manage lab experiments so all your students will benefit, overcoming fears of behavioral flare-ups in the classroom, and becoming more confident when working with your special education counterparts and the IEP team. The package price constitutes a savings of $39 off the list prices.



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