Middle School Science Toolkit

Doing Good Science in Middle School is a roadmap for classroom success and contains guidance that could only come from veterans of the middle school science trenches. The book includes 10 teacher-tested activities that integrate STEM with literacy skill-building; information on best instructional practices and professional-development resources; and connections to the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics. Once Upon an Earth Science Book starts with advice on teaching reading comprehension strategies to middle school students while 12 content chapters give you hands-on science activities with engaging titles such as “Mountain Mayhem,” “Oceans on the Move,” and “Trash Soup”; readings that cover important Earth science concepts, writing activities that prompt students to connect what they did with what they read; and assessment exercises to give you feedback on what your students are learning. Everyday Engineering encourages students to examine and question the engineering principles of simple items like ball point pens and paper clips. The package price constitutes a savings of $60 off the list prices.



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