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What student—or teacher—can resist the chance to experiment with Rocket Launchers, Drinking Birds, Dropper Poppers, Boomwhackers, Flying Pigs, and more? The 54 experiments in Using Physics Gadgets and Gizmos, Grades 9–12, encourage your high school students to explore a variety of phenomena involved with pressure and force, thermodynamics, energy, light and color, resonance, buoyancy, two-dimensional motion, angular momentum, magnetism, and electromagnetic induction. Use the approach and lessons in Beyond the Egg Drop to infuse engineering into what you’re already teaching, without sacrificing time for teaching physics concepts. In addition to a thorough discussion on the rationale, justification, meaning, and implementation of integrating engineering into your science curriculum, this book provides 24 flexible, engineering-infused physics lessons that cover mechanics, optics, electricity, and thermodynamics. And like the venerable egg-drop experiment, these are classroom-tested lessons that are designed to truly engage your students. You can tell your students will tune in from the lesson titles—from “Bumper Cars” to “Zombie Apocalypse Flashlight.” To round out this bundle, explore ways to foster a learning community among all your science-teaching colleagues with Reimagining the Science Department. In five thoughtful chapters, this book invites you to reassess past and current practices in science departments as you rethink the future for teachers and students in your own science classrooms. You’ll come away with sensible strategies—bolstered by practitioner vignettes and related research—that your entire department can put to work right away. The package price constitutes a savings of $68 off the list prices.



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