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Archive: Science Update: Soaring into the Future with NASA Aeronautics, May 13, 2021

With so much recent media attention on our Commercial Crew Program and Mars 2020 “Perseverance” rover, it might be easy to forget the first “A” in NASA. However, without the foundational “small steps” of aeronautics research, there would have been no “giant leaps” on the Moon, no Space Shuttle, no goal of sending humans to Mars.

Today, NASA continues to build on the storied legacies of the X-1, X-15 and other experimental aircraft to advance all aspects of aviation: global demand to fly, rising fuel costs, durable flight designs, and the need to protect our planet. With breakthroughs in electric power technology, NASA is re-imagining its application to airplanes capable of vertical take-off and landing, benefitting the rapidly growing sector of urban air mobility for passengers and cargo. Yet another way that, “NASA is with you when you fly.”

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Below are comments from individuals who attended the seminar:

  • "Great synopsis of NASA history and future!"
  • "I really enjoyed imagining where aeronautics will go in the future. It's great to feel more knowledgeable, especially as we teach the worlds future engineers and innovators."
  • "This was very interesting. The presenter was knowledgeable and explained the topic well. She presented a wide range of information."

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