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The Story of Science Classroom Companion: Einstein Adds a New Dimension (PDF e-Book)

The Story of Science Classroom Companion is a boon for teachers who choose master storyteller Joy Hakim’s Einstein Adds a New Dimension as a primary or supplemental physics text. Hakim’s newest title in The Story of Science series brings to life the history of Albert Einstein and his fellow scientists as they lay the groundwork for concepts of particle physics and quantum mechanics. The Classroom Companion, which includes editions for both teachers and students, follows Hakim’s text chapter by chapter and provides teaching tips, lists of key vocabulary words, activities, writing prompts, additional online and print resources, and more. Free to NSTA members, this easily downloaded e-book will help classroom teachers and parents of homeschoolers use Hakim’s outstanding Einstein Adds a New Dimension to integrate science process with science literacy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Boy With Something on His Mind

Chapter 2: Time on Replay

Chapter 3: Electrifying Thoughts and Magnetic Reasoning

Chapter 4: The M. and M.’s of Science

Chapter 5: Invisible Bits of Electricity

Chapter 6: Smaller than Atoms? Subatomic? Is This a Joke?

Chapter 7: Nobel Marie

Chapter 8: Mysterious Rays

Chapter 9: Making Waves

Chapter 10: Five Papers

Chapter 11: Seeing the (Photon) Light

Chapter 12: Molecules Move

Chapter 13: Getting the Picture Right

Chapter 14: Getting Atom

Chapter 15: Still Shooting Alpha Particles

Chapter 16: Bohr Taking Quantum Leaps

Chapter 17: An American Tracks Photons; A Frenchman Nails Matter

Chapter 18: What’s Uncertain? Everything, Says Heisenberg

Chapter 19: A Cat, Quarks, and Other Quantum Critters

Chapter 20: Smashing Atoms

Chapter 21: Chemistry, Charisma, and Peace

Chapter 22: Energy Equals Mass Times the Square of the Speed of Light or E=mc2

Chapter 23: On the Way to War (a List of Happenings)

Chapter 24: The Fission Vision

Chapter 25: Presidential Power

Chapter 26: Manhattan on a Mesa

Chapter 27: Quantum Electrodynamics? Surely You’re Joking

Chapter 28: Those Relatives: Galileo and Albert

Chapter 29: Relativity: It’s About Time

Chapter 30: An Event? To a Physicist It’s Not a Party

Chapter 31: Timely Dimensions

Chapter 32: A Man in a Red Hat

Chapter 33: The Paradox of the Twins

Chapter 34: Relative Gravity

Chapter 35: Warps in Spacetime

Chapter 36: Does It Change? Or Is It Changeless?

Chapter 37: Expanding Times

Chapter 38: An Expanding Universe

Chapter 39: A Luminous Indian

Chapter 40: Explosive? And How!

Chapter 41: Singular Black Holes

Chapter 42: Gravity Waves?

Chapter 43: A Singular BANG With a Background

Chapter 44: Inflation? This Chapter Is Not About Economics

Chapter 45: Entanglement?

Locality? Are We Talking Science?

Chapter 46: Super Stars?

Chapter 47: A Surprising Information-Age Universe

Chapter 48: Is Anyone Out There?

Chapter 49: This Is the Last Chapter, but It’s Not the End


Type e-book (PDF)Pub Date 11/1/2008ISBN 978-1-93353-157-1Stock # PB227Xe

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