Archive: Science Update: Seeing the Unseeable: Imaging Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope, August 25, 2022

Black holes are astrophysical objects with such strong gravity that nothing can escape them, not even light.  In the past few years, the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration produced the first images of two supermassive black holes using a network of telescopes around the world.  These images allow us to test our theories of gravity and plasma physics in the universe’s most extreme environment. Join us to learn more about these images.

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Below are comments from individuals who attended the seminar:

  • "Excellent presenter: professional, passionate about his career, willing to share his knowledge, excited about his work, and personable. So glad I tuned in. Thank you!"
  • "I enjoyed the speaker's use of popular culture to relate new concepts and his use of high quality graphics."
  • "I found the images extremely helpful to help understand what Dr. Ricarte was explaining. I also appreciated him addressing some of the common myths about black holes reported in the media."
  • "I really appreciated the updated information; most of all, the opportunity to interact with a scientist in the field -- I love being able to share these interactions with my students of "real scientists" and how what we are studying in high school can lead them to have passionate careers in science."

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