Examining Current Events in Science, Mathematics, and Technology

by: John Eichinger

The national standards in science and mathematics call for these subjects to be taught from personal and social perspectives, thus strengthening students’ decision-making skills. Preeminent science educator Paul DeHart Hurd called for “a curriculum that relates science to human affairs, the quality of life, and social progress” (1994, p. 109). In this activity, students will examine news articles not only from the perspective of science, math, and technology, but also based on the implications of the news story for its impact on real people, that is, based on human rights and social justice. Interdisciplinary connections are embedded in an engaging, accessible, and human context, as students read, analyze, and openly discuss a teacher-selected news article. By facilitating honest dialogue, the teacher helps students confidently face controversial topics and develop crucial critical-thinking skills.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 5/30/2009Stock # PB236X2_3

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