Resources and Human Impact: Grades 5-8

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In today’s global society, it has become increasingly important to educate our students about the human impact upon the Earth’s resources. It is also our duty as teachers to teach our students responsible decision-making so that they may make better choices about how their actions affect Earth’s complex system. Land, atmosphere, oceans, and all forms of life interact continually in our ever-changing planet that may not be noticeable on a day-to-day basis; for example, some of these interactions over time drive the course of climate change. The websites in this guide will help you bring real-world data into the classroom, engage students in collaborative studies using real-time data, and help your students to understand that humans have the power to create new technologies and methods that will reverse this negative impact. As students work through the simulations, interactive data charts, educational games, and more, they will learn core content, apply scientific and mathematical skills, and become knowledgeable “keepers of the Earth.”


Middle School


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