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Uncovering Student Ideas in Physical Science, Volume 1: 45 New Force and Motion Assessment Probes (PDF e-book)

Nationally known science educator Page Keeley—principal author of the hugely popular, four-volume NSTA Press series Uncovering Students Ideas in Science—has teamed up with physicist and science educator Rand Harrington to write this first volume in their new series on physical science. They begin with one of the most challenging topics in physical science: force and motion.

The 45 assessment probes in this book enable teachers to find out what students really think about key ideas in force and motion. The Teacher Notes, which can be used before and after administering the probe, provide background information on

• the purpose of the probe;
• related concepts;
• an explanation—for the teacher—of the force and motion idea being taught;
• related ideas in Benchmarks for Science Literacy and the National Science Education Standards;
• research on typical student misconceptions related to the force and motion concept; and
• suggestions for instruction and assessment.

The book specifies grade spans—K-4, 5–8, 9–12—for each probe, based on state and national standards, and suggests ways to adapt a probe for a different grade span or context.


Type e-book (PDF)Pub Date 6/24/2010ISBN 978-1-936137-70-1Stock # PB274X1e

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