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Under Pressure: Determining the Mathematical Relationship for Yeast Fermentation in the Creation of Mint Ginger Soda

by: Sarah Reeves Young

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This experiment presents a different approach to using the biological agent of yeast in a liquid format. Rather than using the yeast in a baking procedure, the fermentation process is highlighted as part of the creation of a carbonated beverage. In this case, mint ginger soda is created to show students how yeast forms carbon dioxide when digesting sugar molecules. The experiment takes one day, with observations and fermentation taking place over the course of a week. Students then use geometry equations about circumference and volume of a sphere to calculate the volume of gas created by the yeast. This is an ideal lab for doing cross-curricular work with math because it also looks at describing the data trend as linear or exponential. From the calculations to the carbonation, this lab incorporates skills and content in a hands-on learning experience that is exciting for all involved.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 4/30/2011Stock # PB290X_12

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