Project Earth Science: Astronomy, Revised 2nd Edition (PDF e-book)

How well can your students …
• Illustrate the reason for Earth’s seasons?
• Explain how far a light year is?
• Simulate the phases of the Moon?
• Describe the effects of greenhouse gases?
• Connect astronomy to other Earth system science?

Project Earth Science: Astronomy, Revised 2nd Edition, involves students in activities that focus on Earth’s position in our solar system. How do we measure astronomical distances? How can we look back in time as we gaze across vast distances in space? How would our planet be different without its particular atmosphere and distance to our star? What are the geometries among Earth, the Moon, and the Sun that yield lunar phases and seasons? Students explore these concepts and others in 11 teacher-tested activities. Background materials for students and teachers, detailed and illustrated procedures for doing activities, and supplemental resources provide students and teachers with tools to understand Earth as one planet among many in our solar system—and universe.


Type e-book (PDF)Pub Date 6/1/2011Stock # PB298X2e

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