For no other reason than their sheer numbers, insects warrant a chapter in a book on outdoor science. Many species of insects have survived for millions of years, and in some ways remain unchanged. They are a real success story in the natural world. Use the lessons in this chapter to shape a unit on insects or to support instruction in a larger instructional unit on animals. Creating a “bug zoo” in your classroom gives students opportunities to see animal behaviors over a period of time, and perhaps even to design their own experiments and draw parallels between insects and other animals. At the very least, it may help students gain a greater appreciation for insects and make them think twice before succumbing to the human urge to immediately destroy insects on sight.
Lessons in this chapter include:
• Bug Zoo
• Observing Insect Behavior
• Insect Food Chain Predators of Insects
• What’s the Difference Between a Spider, an Earthworm, and an Insect?
• Fly, Hop, or Walk
• How Insects Help Humans
• Plants as a Habitat for Insects
• Insect Metamorphosis
• Pollination Nation
• Wearing a Skeleton on the Outside


Type Book ChapterPub Date 3/1/2012Stock # PB314X_2

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