Where does water go when it flows down a river? Can water move land? What is the most effective way to use water to grow plants? These are just a few of the questions that students can explore with the lessons in this chapter. No matter how “deep” the curriculum on water studies, this topic is important for all people on Earth. Knowing how to harness water’s power, keep it clean, understand its flow, and respect its power will help all students develop the level of understanding needed to sustain and even improve the quality of water in their communities.
Lessons in this chapter include:
• Earth’s Water Cycle
• Polymers—Helping Soil Hold Water
• Using Water to Harness Energy
• Versus Salt Water
• Animals That Live in Water
• Measuring Water for a Day
• Droughts
• Is There Water in Fruit?


Type Book ChapterPub Date 3/1/2012Stock # PB314X_5

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