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What Is Evolution?

by: Rodger W. Bybee and John Feldman

The lesson, in this chapter, engages students in the concepts and processes of biological evolution. It also introduces the EVO DVD. The lesson begins by viewing Question 1 of the DVD, which introduces the World Summit on Evolution and asks the question What is evolution? Students present their ideas and answers to the lead question. The lesson then returns to the DVD for several scientists’ answers to the lead question. Students work in small groups to develop a one-paragraph answer and questions they have about evolution. The goal of this first lesson in the series should be for students to establish an initial understanding of evolution. In many cases, you will observe that the students’ current understanding may best be described as misconception.

The DVD EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution is also available for purchase.


High School


Type Book ChapterPub Date 3/1/2012Stock # PB316X_1

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