Science Curriculum Topic Study

by: Page Keeley
edited by: Corwin Press

Need help making the connection between science standards, teacher practice, and improved student achievement? Science Curriculum Topic Study is your missing link. The book offers a systematic professional development strategy that brings together science standards and research with curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Writing in the book’s foreword, Harold Pratt, former NSTA President, calls Science Curriculum Topic Study “by far the best thing I have seen on how to effectively use the standards.” The CTS process will help you:

• Improve your understanding of science content
• Clarify a hierarchy of content and skills in a learning goal from state or local standards
• Define formative and summative assessment goals and strategies
• Learn to recognize and address learning difficulties
• Design or use instructional materials effectively
• Increase opportunities for students of all backgrounds to achieve science literacy

Science Curriculum Topic Study is rich with features that make it both easy to use and illuminating. It contains 147 separate curriculum topic study guides arranged in 11 categories representing the major domains of science. You get worksheets to help you apply the CTS process to curriculum, instruction, and assessment, plus a quick-reference guide to the major standards and research documents. In addition, teacher vignettes show how to use the CTS process to enrich your own teaching immediately.

NSTA Press produces classroom-ready activities, hands-on approaches to inquiry, relevant professional development, the latest scientific education news and research, assessment and standards-based instruction.

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