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STEM Student Research Handbook

by: Darci J. Harland

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This comprehensive resource for STEM teachers and students, outlines the various stages of large-scale research projects, enabling teachers to coach their students through the research process. This handbook provides enough detail to embolden all teachers—even those who have never designed an experiment on their own—to support student-researchers through the entire process of conducting experiments. Early chapters—research design, background research, hypothesis writing, and proposal writing—help students design and implement their research projects. Later chapters on descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as graphical representations, help them correctly interpret their data. Finally, the last chapters enable students to effectively communicate their results by writing and documenting a STEM research paper, as well as by preparing for oral and poster presentations. Included are student handouts, checklists, presentation observation sheets, and sample assessment rubrics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Beginning a STEM Research Project

Chapter 2: Research Design

Chapter 3: Background Research

Chapter 4: Writing Hypotheses

Chapter 5: Proposal Writing

Chapter 6: Organizing a Laboratory Notebook

Chapter 7: Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 8: Graphical Representations

Chapter 9: Inferential Statistics and Data Interpretation

Chapter 10: Documentation and Research Paper Setup

Chapter 11: Writing the STEM Research Paper

Chapter 12: Presenting the STEM Research Project

Appendix A: Research Project Due Dates Checklist

Appendix B: Research Presentations Observation Sheet

Appendix C: Research Paper Grade Sheet

Appendix D: Research Paper Grading Rubric

Appendix E: Oral Presentation Rubric

Appendix F: Judge’s Score Sheet for STEM Research Projects

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Grade Levels

High School


Assessment General Science Interdisciplinary NGSS Professional Learning Research STEM Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies


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