Project Earth Science: Geology, Revised 2nd Edition

by: Paul D. Fullagar and Nancy W. West

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How well can your students …
• Explain the distribution of earthquakes?
• Model volcanic eruptions?
• Demonstrate plate motions and interactions?
• Describe seafloor changes?
• Think in terms of geologic time?

Project Earth Science: Geology, Revised 2nd Edition, involves students in activities that focus on how plate tectonics explain characteristics and features of Earth. Fifteen hands-on, teacher-tested, classroom activities that use readily available materials provide straightforward and up-to-date explanations of geologic processes and cycles. Students model plate movement and seafloor spreading, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and formation of geologic structures. They learn what causes earthquakes, mountain building, and continent-plus-plate movement. Background materials for students and teachers, detailed and illustrated procedures for doing activities, and supplemental resources provide you and your class with tools to investigate and understand Earth’s major geologic phenomena.

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Type NSTA Press BookPub Date 3/15/2011ISBN 978-1-936137-30-5

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