Team Teaching Science: Success for All Learners

by: Lori A. Howard, Ed Linz, and Mary Jane Heater

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In Team Teaching Science, Ed Linz, Mary Jane Heater, and Lori A. Howard demonstrate the truth in the old adage “Two heads are better than one.” This guide for developing successful team-teaching partnerships that maximize student learning will help preservice and inservice special education and science teachers in grades K–12, as well as methods professors in science education programs who want to cover special needs issues in their curriculum. Using both research-based practices and personal insight from experienced team teachers, the authors strive to make team teaching beneficial for students and accessible for teachers. Linz, Heater, and Howard provide background information on science teaching and team teaching and, most important, six chapters on how to teach specific science topics and how a co-teaching team can proceed through the school year.

The basic elements of collaboration are introduced, along with chapters on co-teaching strategies to implement in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. The authors, who have years of co-teaching experience, offer practical advice that teachers can apply to their own classrooms. Teaching a diverse group of students is one challenge teachers will likely encounter in a team-teaching environment; the authors address the difficulties that may arise, as well as issues related to assessment, curriculum, and necessary accommodations and modifications. For those tackling the challenges of team teaching, this book will prove to be a valuable resource for making team teaching a positive experience for both students and teachers.

“This book is a superb resource for new and developing teachers. Team Teaching Science provides much needed assistance due to its well-structured, practical approach and invaluable checklists."
—Nicolas Perilla, physics teacher and science instructional coach, Palmview High School, Texas; 2009 Teach for America Corps member

“Science classes can be very unique in their instructional, safety, and field trip needs. This book weaves co-teaching issues and best practices into a science context, addressing the specific issues that various levels and types of science classrooms may have. The authors focus on practical classroom strategies, with an emphasis on how co-teachers can work together to benefit the entire class. New and experienced co-teachers alike will find tips and techniques that they can immediately apply to their co-teaching experience.”
—Elizabeth A. Potts, PhD, Director of Special Education Programs, Northern Virginia Center, University of Virginia

“Learn team teaching’s formula for success—the science teacher knows the subject matter, and the special educator injects an understanding of how students learn. Combined, these variables add up to success!”
—Paul Hippolitus, Director of Disabled Students' Services, University of California, Berkeley

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General Science Professional Learning Teaching Strategies


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