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The Everyday Science Sourcebook, Revised 2nd Edition: Ideas for Teaching in Elementary and Middle School

by: Lawrence F. Lowery

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“This sourcebook was created because science should be memorable, not memorizable.” — from the Introduction to The Everyday Science Sourcebook, Revised 2nd Edition

Think of this unique reference book as Inspiration Central for elementary and middle school science teachers. Fully updated with content selected to build on the AAAS and National Science Education Standards, this new edition is full of hundreds of entries that can spark your thinking the next time you need to fill in a gap in your curriculum, add a fresh element to your textbook lessons, or extend and enrich hands-on activities.

The Everyday Science Sourcebook is structured like an easy-to-use thesaurus. Just look up a topic in the Index, note the reference number, and then use that number to find a wealth of related activities in the Entry section. For example, looking up meteorology can lead you to notes on the Earth’s temperature. From there, you’ll see entries on how students can make a liquid thermometer, graph air temperatures, and measure the conversion of solar energy to heat energy.

Six broad content categories provide the framework for the main body of this book, the Entry section:
• Inorganic matter
• Organic matter
• Energy
• Inference models
• Technology
• Instructional apparatus, materials, and systems

The Everyday Science Sourcebook deserves a prominent spot on your bookshelf. Refer to it daily as a springboard for ideas that make science memorable.

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NGSS Science and Engineering Practices


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