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Making Sense of SCIENCE – Force & Motion for Teachers of Grade 6-8 – Teacher Book + CD

by: Jennifer Folsom, Kristen R. Daehler, and Mayumi Shinohara

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Proven through more than a decade of rigorous research to be effective with both teachers and students, Making Sense of SCIENCE helps teachers gain a deep and enduring understanding of tricky science topics, think and reason scientifically, and support content literacy in science, thereby increasing student achievement.

The materials presented in this book help teachers gain a solid understanding of tricky science concepts and common misconceptions, support productive and worthwhile professional learning communities, and prepare teachers to implement standards-based science curriculum. Topics are central to the Next Generation Science Framework and aligned with the Common Core State Standards in literacy.

This book guides teachers through investigations of motion, changes in motion, force, and the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration, and features:

• Hands-on experiments with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations
• Clear explanations of tough science concepts
• Examples of classic misconceptions
• A bank of formative assessments
• A CD containing reproducible black line masters
• A guided protocol for evaluating student work in professional learning communities

Grade Levels

Middle School


General Science Professional Learning


Type NSTA Press BookPub Date 5/15/2012ISBN 978-0-914409-80-9Stock # PA014X1T

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