Watershed Dynamics (Teacher Edition—Includes Full Student Edition)

Whether you’re a stream studies novice or a veteran aquatic monitor, Watershed Dynamics gives you abundant practical resources to extend your students’ investigations into local water quality and land-use issues. This two-part set is ideal for teaching biological and ecological concepts and research techniques. It also shows how the interplay between scientific data and human judgment can shape public policy decisions on zoning, flood control, and agricultural practices.

The Teacher Edition explains how to guide student research and engineering design projects. Classroom-ready materials include detailed background, sample assessment tasks and rubrics, and guidelines for integrating peer review into classroom science. The Teacher Edition also includes the complete Student Edition.

Watershed Dynamics is the final volume in the four-part Cornell Scientific Inquiry Series, designed to guide students in designing and conducting experiments, presenting their results, and exchanging feedback with their peers. See the other titles in the series: Decay and Renewal, Assessing Toxic Risk, and Invasion Ecology.


High School


Type ObsoletePub Date 1/1/2004ISBN 978-0-87355-205-9Stock # PB162X2T

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