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Modern Alchemy: Safer Teaching with Chemistry

by: Terry Kwan and Juliana Texley

From making mud pies in a sandbox to messing with a magic set and sending secret messages with markers that produce invisible writing, chemistry engages students’ passions for mixing things together and producing surprising results. Middle schoolers want to dare higher mountains and investigate more mysteries as each day goes on. The teacher must preserve their natural curiosity and willingness to observe while ensuring the observed phenomenon does no harm—no small task in today’s environment. The good news is that basic chemistry concepts can be taught with safe and fascinating activities. In doing this, students are armed with the knowledge they need to recognize the dangers of “just messing around” with formulas, recipes, and chemicals. This chapter presents some common chemistry misconceptions and outlines how the best chemical explorations can also be the safest.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 1/1/2003Stock # PB166X2_6

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