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Tools and Traits for Highly Effective Science Teaching, K—8

by: Jo Anne Vasquez

To move from competence to excellence in the teaching of science, what should you know and be able to do? What is the difference between “highly qualified” and “highly effective” teachers of science? In this book Jo Anne Vasquez shows you what top-notch, learning-centered teaching looks like in science because this is a comprehensive resource, based on all the latest research on science teaching and learning. This resource will help teachers, curriculum specialists, administrators, and college methods teachers recognize the difference of what it takes to go beyond being just “highly qualified” to becoming “highly effective” teachers of science. Curriculum, assessment, and instruction are inextricably intertwined and in this book you will find it describes resources and practical strategies for translating all of this, along with concrete examples told by highly effective teachers of science, supervisors and administrators.


Elementary SchoolMiddle School


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