Students' Ideas About Animals: Results from a National Study—Elementary teachers respond to a study involving students’ perceptions of animals

by: Charles R. Barman, Natalie S. Barman, Mary Lou Cox, Kay Berglund Newhouse, and M. Jenice Goldston

In the fall of 1999, Science and Children extended an invitation to K–8 teachers to participate in a national study (Barman, Barman, Berglund, and Goldston, 1999). The main focus of this study was to examine students’ ideas about animals. This study received an overwhelming response from K–8 teachers throughout the United States. This article will briefly explain how the data was collected, present the findings, and discuss the implications of these results for K–8 science teaching.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 9/1/2000Stock # sc00_038_01_42Volume 038Issue 01

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