Build-a-Brain Project: Students Design and Model the Brain of an Imaginary Animal

by: Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos, John Pecore, Jordan D. Rose, Archibald J. Fobbs Jr., John I. Johnson, and Laura L. Carruth

The brain is a truly fascinating structure! Although the brain is a single organ, it is very complex and has several regions, each having a specific function. In this fun-filled, "minds-on" lesson, students learn about the various regions of the brain and then build brains of imaginary animals using modeling dough and other art supplies in an inquiry based format. (See sidebar onpage 30, and Resources for a downloadable student handout on this topic as well as for other sites containing additional information and diagrams).


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 7/1/2006Stock # ss06_029_08_28Volume 029Issue 08

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