Science Sampler: Fueling interest in science—An after-school program model that works

by: Kathleen Koenig and Margaret Hanson

As our society becomes more technologically advanced and jobs require additional related skills, it is important that all girls, not just those interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (commonly referred to as the STEM disciplines), take advanced levels of science and math in high school. Evidence suggests that intervention programs such as Girls in Science (GIS) can improve girls’ interest in and attitude toward science, which may in turn impact future course selections and career choices (Gaston 2001; McCormick and Wolf 1993; Stake and Mares 2001). This article describes this after-school program model that works.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 12/1/2008Stock # ss08_032_04_48Volume 032Issue 04

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