Inquiry Is Elementary: Differing Approaches to Inquiry Within Two Elementary Schools

by: Patricia C. Paulson, Linda Williams-Tuenge, Susan Roth, Rose Wippler, and Douglas Paulson
edited by: Robert E. Yager

Scientific inquiry is practiced and celebrated at two elementary schools within a school district of 40,000 students, located within a first ring suburb of Minneapolis. While their approach to inquiry differs somewhat, the commitment to inquiry learning is central to both schools. In each school, inquiry is viewed as developing scientific thinking, scientific understanding, and science as an ongoing process rather than as a series of one-time experiences, and both schools are committed to maintaining this focus. This chapter will compare and contrast the approaches employed within the two elementary learning communities. The intent of the chapter is not to presume one approach is superior to the other, but rather to describe two different but effective approaches to scientific inquiry.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 4/1/2009Stock # PB192X6_11

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