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Active Learning as a Way to Interest More Students in Science Careers

by: Claudia Khourey-Bowers, Vicki McCamon, and Tracy Saho

In this chapter, the experiences of a science educator and two technology education (TE) classroom teachers are offered. The school is a rural middle school in a Midwestern state where authors collaborated to promote active learning environments, which can encourage students to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Ten different types of active learning strategies are explored in the context of STEM classrooms. Specific vignettes are provided from the two TE classrooms. Readers are invited to think about the following challenges, which are central to our chapter:
• How do students benefit from active learning strategies?
• What aspects of your curriculum can be re-designed to incorporate active learning?
• How can active learning strategies enhance the classroom environment?
• How can active learning strategies help prepare more students for STEM careers?

Evidence of the effectiveness of TE participation in promoting STEM careers is provided.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 9/20/2012Stock # PB192X8_16

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